Elliot J. Reichert is a Chicago-based curator, critic, and editor.


All’s Fair in Love and War: David Wojnarowicz, ART+Positive and AIDS Activism Then and Now

"We will likely never know why the Whitney delayed exhibiting Wojnarowicz—perhaps they were still shaken by the negative response to their exhibition of Dana Schutz’s “Open Casket” painting at the 2017 Whitney Biennial, or they were sensitive to the criticism lobbied against the touring “Art, AIDS, America” exhibition that the shows reinforced the dominant white male narrative of the AIDS crisis—a critique that, in Chicago, spurred the curation of a companion exhibition at the DePaul Art Museum, titled “One Day This Kid Will Get Larger” after a Wojnarowicz work included in that show. Importantly, both of these negative reactions to exhibitions came from the left, not the right, an indicator of the incredible headway AIDS activism has made into mainstream society, but also of the deep divisions within a fragile political coalition facing renewed hostility in a moment of profound political dissensus."

Four Hundred Miles to Cleveland

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